Joy Engelsman

is an Ordained Minister in the Christian Reformed Church. She writes and consults on a variety of worship topics, including inter-generational, inter-cultural, creative and constructive planning, and music. Joy also shares preaching expertise as the Adjunct Professor of Homiletics at Denver Seminary and she coaches speakers through Dynamic Communicators, Inc. Joy lives in Denver, CO with her two daughters and husband, Bob. 

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  • Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start.

    What happens at the very beginning of your worship service? Is it a “good” way to start? How intentional are you about the opening moments? While I think there are many appropriate ways to begin a worship event, I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of a processional as a very good way to start.

  • Eleanor Vander Linde loved music! She hummed through her housework, she sang in the church and community choirs and she provided music lessons for her four daughters—who all grew up loving and performing music. In a short memoir of her life Eleanor wrote, “My whole life I lived with music, music in my heart, mind and voice!” In honor of Eleanor, I’m sharing two lessons that we, who also love music, might learn from. 

  • “People can’t worship when they’re learning.” I was working with another planner—I’ll call him Mike—on a combined worship service of our two churches. Together we were responsible for selecting songs, recruiting singers and deciding the order of worship. Mike and I shared many important traits: both of us loved Jesus, both of us were committed to the Church, both us wanted true and good worship to happen at the combined service.