Lisle Gwynn

Lisle Gwynn Garrity is a recent graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary (Atlanta, GA), where she completed Master of Divinity and Master in Practical Theology degrees. As a liturgical artist, Lisle works with churches and communities to implement visual art and creativity into worship. Learn more about her work at: and

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  • Giving up sweets, deleting social media accounts, vowing to exercise more—these are trendy Lenten practices to adopt. Kicking off the season with a paintbrush and scrap pieces of fabric in hand? That one might be less familiar.

    Smocking up to get your hands messy with paint and glue may not be your go-to spiritual practice. But for a few members of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, diving deep into the creative layers of Lent is exactly how they chose to enter the season.

  • A Visual Choir

    What is she doing? She has my dream job! I need to know about that job!”

    The first time Hannah Garrity witnessed an artist creating visual art in worship, it nearly took the wind out of her.

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