Rebecca Hoeksema Snippe

Rebecca Hoeksema Snippe is program coordinator for music and web-based projects for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (CICW). She received an MA in Worship and an MTS (Worship concentrate) from Calvin Theological Seminary and is currently working on her ThM at Calvin Theological Seminary. She served as a co-managing editor for the hymnal, Santo, Santo, Santo / Holy, Holy, Holy (GIA Publications, Inc., 2019).

Articles by this author:

  • United in Song

    Bilingual Singing as an Expression of Pentecost

    In an age of unprecedented division, when so many people around us experience racism, hatred, deportations, and fear, the church is called into unity and a spirit of Pentecost hospitality, working toward the day of re-creation. On that day everything will be made new, and all will join together around the heavenly throne, singing praises to the heavenly King in a beautiful chorus of many languages: “‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,’ who was, and is, and is to come” (Revelation 4:8).

  • Refocusing and Reframing Practices

    Using in Lent

    Lent is a time to refocus and reframe our practices, clearing spaces in our minds and hearts to see and grasp anew the self-giving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. But for those involved in preparing worship for Lent this is a busy time of trying to balance preparing for Holy Week with church programs and initiatives that are in full swing. It may seem as though the work is piling dangerously high. We are tired. We are weary. We are worn. Yet week in and week out we find ourselves in the trenches of our busy and relentless church life.

Blogs by this author:

  • A hymnal is a treasure trove for learning and equipping Christians in all different settings with the tools and resources to worship together. A collection like this serves as an invitation for worshipers to speak about the unity found in the diversity of a common body of song.

    Un himnario es un tesoro para aprender y equipar a creyentes de diferentes entornos con herramientas y recursos para adorar juntos. Esta colección procura invitar a que los fieles no distingan entre «su música» y «nuestra música», sino a que puedan encontrar unidad en la diversidad al tener un cuerpo de canciones en común.