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Stanley J. Groothof serves as the worship pastor at Trinity Christian Reformed Church in Rock Valley, Iowa. His family of five (including the cat) have called the U.S. Midwest their home for the past four years. He blogs at

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  • Honest Thanksgiving

    I’m sure I’m not the only worship leader to wonder what to do for the annual Thanksgiving Day service. Sometimes it feels like I have to manufacture a spirit of thankfulness for this one day before returning to business as usual the next morning. What if I’m not in a particularly thankful mood? What if my congregation is facing or enduring a tough situation? Manufacturing thankfulness for an hour of worship sounds trite and inappropriate.

  • Background

    This liturgy has three movements: confession, assurance, and rededication. It’s as though the reconciliation part of worship that is common in many Reformed churches is magnified to encompass the entire service.

    Because I refer to him in the meditation, I used Saint Augustine’s words about finding rest in God as the opening sentences. This theme is immediately picked up again in the gathering hymn, especially in stanza 4. Another
    communion hymn that echoes this theme is “In the Quiet Consecration” (PsH 302).

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