Curt Gesch

Curt Gesch ( is worship director of Telkwa (British Columbia) Christian Reformed Church.


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  • With Eyes Open

    When a new pastor arrives at a church, it is a time of transition and celebration. Though obviously this pastor will impact most the gathered congregation, his or her ministry and leadership have ripple effects out into the community. This litany was written by council members from a sister church and read during a service of installation.

  • Background

    This liturgy has three movements: confession, assurance, and rededication. It’s as though the reconciliation part of worship that is common in many Reformed churches is magnified to encompass the entire service.

    Because I refer to him in the meditation, I used Saint Augustine’s words about finding rest in God as the opening sentences. This theme is immediately picked up again in the gathering hymn, especially in stanza 4. Another
    communion hymn that echoes this theme is “In the Quiet Consecration” (PsH 302).

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