Susan Woodhouse

Susan Woodhouse ( is a member of Grace United Church, Sarnia, Ontario; she is a candidate for ministry in the United Church of Canada and a watercolor artist. For more pictures and information on the pod process at Grace go to and type "pods" in the search box.


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  • Seven pod groups from Grace United Church began meeting in June 2003 to plan worship services for Lent 2004 (for more on pods see RW 75). The theme for the season was “Covenants.”

  • Art, in its many forms, touches the soul in powerful ways. It helps people bring their bodies and emotions into worship, as well as their minds. As more and more people find that they are visual learners, the integration of the arts into worship becomes more and more important. This is something I am acutely aware of as an artist and something I struggle to put into practice. I would like to share with you a process that has helped me realize some of my dreams about worship and art.

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