Tony Maan

Tony Maan is pastor of Bethel Christian Reformed Church, Edmonton, Alberta.


Articles by this author:

  • From Dark to Sight

    A Lenten Journey

    The two disciples traveling from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus on the evening of Easter Sunday are on a journey that began in sorrowful despair at the sudden death of their beloved friend and master. However by the time they reach their destination their outlook is completely transformed into one of light and hope. An unrecognized traveler joins them, and the conversation he holds with them causes their hearts to burn with new insight and excitement. This encounter changes their lives—a journey from blindness to enlightenment, from darkness to sight.

  • God in three persons: service plans for a four-week series on the Trinity

    My children still can’t believe that I am unable to discern the three-dimensional image in a magic-eye picture. “Dad, go like this,” they advise, looking at the picture cross-eyed, or touching their nose to the surface and backing up slowly. But no matter what I try, still no image. Only a vague sense of failure and frustration. “Don’t worry, Dad,” they say with a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, “you’ll get it one day.”

  • Should Seekers Be Invited to the Table? A pastor struggles with hard questions

    The puzzled look in her eyes told me I would have to suspend judgment and get back to her after I had studied the matter.