Wayne Brouwer

Wayne Brouwer is a professor at Hope College, Holland, Michigan, and the atuhor of several books and articles on worship, preaching, and congregational development.


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  • How to Start a New Service by Charles Arn. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1997. 269 pp. $17.99US/24.30 CDN

    Charles Arn’s book is a technician’s delight. Its aim is clear. Its approach is confident. Its process is comprehensive. If you are thinking about starting another worship service in your congregation’s ministries, don’t do it until you have read this book (see also his article on p. 22).

  • Following a prescribed pattern for preaching, such as the Common Lectionary provides, is certainly not a new concept in Reformed churches. For centuries pastors in the Calvinist tradition have preached sermons based on the consecutive Lord's Days of the Heidelberg Catechism. It's a practice called "catechetical preaching," and it grew out of the church's need to educate its people about the doctrines and standards that they professed.

    A Confession to Learn By

  • Praise to Our Risen Lord

    Prelude and Personal Meditation

    Choral Call to Worship: "Alleluia! Christ Is Risen!"

    Our Easter Shout of Praise:

    Christ is risen!

    The Lord is risen indeed!

    Glory and honor, dominion and power, be to our God for ever and ever!

    Christ is risen! Alleluia!

    Our Easter Song of Praise: "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today"
    [PsH 388, PH 113, RL 325, TH 277]

  • Family, church, and state all play a role

    The bride was obviously nervous. It was only the rehearsal, but she showed signs of panic that didn't bode well for the next day's big event. With a gentle touch, the pastor led her aside.

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