September 1997

RW 45
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  • with Sue Mitchell-Wallace. Kingston, NY: Selah Publishing Company, 1995, in cooperation with The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada. Two videos with accompanying 44-page workbook. $80.00.

    I've had the privilege of singing in a congregation with Sue Mitchell-Wallace at the organ. In these helpful videos, she offers a resource that will provide any organist—or pastor or congregational member—a stimulating and challenging view of the high calling of leading God's people in congregational song at the organ.

  • Letters


    As an additional idea for the I AM series in RW 42, consider creating artwork like this unusual quilt design by Janet Holleman, Cambridge Station, Nova Scotia. She writes:

  • Notes


    One reason we don't accept advertisements in Reformed Worship is that we always have more to print than we have room for. So here's an in-house "ad" to let you know of a few new products we're working on at CRC Publications that will be ready this fall/winter.

    Authentic Worship in a Changing Culture

    Available September 1997. See Q&A (p. 44) for information about this important report/study guide on worship.

  • Thanks to comedian David Letterman, everyone seems to have a "top ten" list for something. With a touch of embarrassment for joining in the chorus and a genuine longing to be helpful to pastors who find themselves preaching in Advent "yet again," I humbly offer my own contribution: Top Ten Ways to Keep Advent Preaching Fresh.

    10 Plan ahead and plan communally.

  • When you stand in your congregation and look out over the faces of men, women, and children, do you ever wonder who has been abused? Perhaps you have seen bruises on a child's arms or a woman parishioner with a black eye. Sometimes the effects of abuse are obvious. More often the bruises and scars are hidden—under clothing, under sad eyes, under years of trying to forget or compensate. Abuse is not something most of us are comfortable thinking about or being confronted with.