We encourage readers to submit worship materials to Reformed Worship. These materials may include special liturgies, litanies, prayers, music, photographs of banners and other liturgical art and furnishings from your church. (No sermons, please- not even your best one.) We cannot guarantee that we will publish your submissions, but we are building up files of worship materials for future reference, and will be glad to add your constributions. Please include your name and the name of your church, so that we can give you credit if your material is published.


May 1—2, 1987. Conference on Church Music. Sponsored by the Presbyterian Church in America Committee for Christian Education and Great Commission Publications. To be held at Covenant Seminary, St. Louis, MO. For brochure write to Robert Edmiston, Christian Education and Publications, P.O. Box 39, Decatur, GA 30031-0039. Tel. (404) 292-6102.

June 7-10. Annual Conference of the Hymn Society of America in Fort Worth, Texas. For information write to: The Hymn Society of America, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas 76129

Conferences sponsored by the Office of Worship of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.):

June 14-19 and June 21-26: Montreat, N.C.
July 5-10: Los Angeles, Calif.
July 6-11: Mo-Ranch, Tex.
July 12-17: McMinnville, Ore.
July 20-24: San Anselmo, Calif.
August 2-7: Harrisonburg, Va.

For information contact the Office of Worship, 1044 Alta Vista Road, Louisville, KY 40205. Tel. (502) 895-2441

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