May 16-19, 1989, Toronto, ON
Worship '89, A Liturgical Symposium: Daily Prayer through the week from Sunday to Sunday. Speakers: Elaine Ramshaw, Paul Bradshaw. Sponsored by the Canadian Liturgical Society at the Scarborough Campus of the University of Toronto. Contact: Rev. L. R. Likness, 25 Old York Mills Road, Willowdale, ON M2P 1B5, (416) 488-9430.

June 18-24, June 25-July 1, 1989, Montreal, NC
Conferences on Worship and Music (same conference repeated second week). "A Pilgrimage through the Incarnation"—Advent—Epiphany. Sponsored by the Presbyterian Association of Musicians. Contact: Montreat Conference Center, P.O. Box 969, Montreat, NC 28757. June 22-24, 1989, Miranda, CA
Annual conference of Christians in the Visual Arts. Contact: Ed Knippers, CIVA Newsletter, Box 10247, Arlington, VA 22210.

July 9-12, 1989, Grand Rapids, MI
Annual Conference of the Hymn Society of America, at Calvin College. Contact: The Hymn Society of America, Inc., Box 30854, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX 76129, (817) 921-7608.

July 9-14, 1989, Princeton, NJ
Conference on Worship and Music: "Psalms for Every Age." Intergenerational worship. Sponsored by the Presbyterian Association of Musicians. Contact: Presbyterian Association of Musicians, 1000 East Morehead Street, Charlotte, NC 28204.

July 16-20, 1989, Claremont, CA
Claremont '89. The National Biennial Convocation of The Fellowship of United Methodists in Worship, Music, 8c Other Arts. Cosponsored by Choristers Guild and the Section on Worship, General Board of Discipleship. Contact: Claremont '89, PO Box 54367, Atlanta, GA 30308.

Other conferences affiliated with the Presbyterian Association of Musicians:

July 3-8, 1989, Hunt, TX. Contact: Communications Office, Mo-Ranch, Hunt, TX 78024.

July 9-14, 1989, Los Angeles, CA. Contact: Worship '89, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA 98017.

July 9-14, 1989, Portland, OR. Contact: Cascades Summer Conference, Linfield College, 0245 S.W. Mancroft St., Suite D, Portland, OR 97201.

July 16—21, 1989, San Anselmo, CA. Contact: San Francisco Seminary, Wilber Russell, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA 94960.

July 30-August 5,1989, Massanetta Springs, VA. Contact: LaRaine Raymond, 1989 Church Music Workshop, Massenetta Springs, Inc., P.O.Box 1286, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

Hymn Competition

Hymn competition in celebration of the 150th anniversary of an urban church in the Reformed tradition. Deadline for hymn text: July 1, 1989. Deadline for a subsequent hymn-tune competition for the winning text: December 1, 1989. Cash award of $300.00 for each winner. For details, contact: Hymn Competition, Central Reformed Church, 10 College NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, (616) 459-3260.

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