The staff of Reformed Worship is delighted and proud to announce that we received three awards at the annual meeting of the Associated Church Press (ACP), a group established to promote fellowship and foster helpfulness among editors and publishers of Christian periodicals and to stimulate higher standards of religious journalism. RW submitted entries in eleven of the thirty possible categories and competed with eighty other newspapers and periodicals for the awards. We were honored with the following:

First prize: Art Director Dean Heetderks for the graphic design of "The Triumphal Entry Temple Scene" (RW 14)

Honorable Mention: Associate Editor Harry Boonstra for "Home Communion" (RW 13)

Honorable Mention: RW issues 11, 12,13, and 14 for "general excellence"


The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada announces "A Search for New Hymns for Use in Educational Institutions." Deadline for entries is December 1, 1990. For hymn-search rules, contact: The Hymn Society, Box 30854, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX 76129; (817) 921-7608.


Over the past five years, the concept of a children's worship center has received increasing attention from a number of churches in the Reformed tradition (see "Letting the Story Stand" in Reformed Worship 12). Members of many congregations have attended one of the Children and Worship training sessions at Western Theological Seminary and have adopted the program for use in their own churches. Now available is the book that describes the Children and Worship approach and provides the lessons and patterns needed to implement the program in your church.

Written by Sonja Stewart and Jerome Berryman, Young Children and Worship is available from CRC Publications for $16.95 each. Because the approach suggested in this book is so unique, however, educational leaders in the Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church in America have joined to provide training centers across the United States and Canada to help congregations implement the program. An introduction to the program for church leaders wishing more information is available at no charge to the church. Eighteen to twenty-four hours of training are scheduled by trainers when a "cluster" of churches express a commitment to begin the program. The training costs $230 U.S. and entitles a congregation to send two leaders to the training sessions and to receive follow-up support in implementing the program. Two copies of the book are also included in the training fee. A congregation may send additional persons to training events for $50 U.S. each.You can make arrangements for presentations and training sessions through your local trainer. For information on the trainer nearest to you, call the Education Department at CRC Publications (1-800-333-8300 in the U.S., or 1-416-246-0752 from Canada) or the Reformed Church in America (1-800-688-7221).


July 8-11,1990, Charleston, SC
The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada annual conference: Celebrating 350 years of North American Hymnody. Contact: The Hymn Society, Box 30854, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX 76129, (817) 921-7608.

July 8-13,1990, Decorah, IA
New Beginnings, conference for pastors, musicians, worship leaders, and those involved in the arts, at Luther College. Sponsored by the Fellowship of United Methodists in Worship, Music, and Other Arts. Contact: New Beginnings, 1128 12 Ave., Moline, IL 61265.

July 8-14,1990, New Wilmington, PA
Westminster Conference on Worship and Music, sponsored by the Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM). Contact: PAM, c/o Conference Registrar, 100 Witherspoon Street,Louisville, KY 40202-1396/p>

July 11-14,1990, Springfield, OK
"Oh Holy Spirit, Enter In -Resources for the Church Musician" Region I of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians. Contact: Dr. Susan Hegberg, Susquehana University, Selinsgrove, PA 17870.

July 16-19,1990, Northfield, MN
St. Olaf Summer Conferences on Theology and Music. Contact Ronald F. Pechauer, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN 55057, (507) 663-3841.

July 22-27,1990, Kenosha, WI
Choristers Guild Seminar, at Carthage College. Choral, handbell, visuals, and instrumental sessions. Contact: Barbara Merry, Choristers Guild, 2834 W. Kingsley Road, Garland, TX 75041, (214) 271-1521.

July 22-27,1990, San Anselmo, CA
San Francisco Theological Seminary, affiliated with the Presbyterian Association of Musicians. Contact: Wilber Russell, San Francisco Theoligical Seminary, San Anselmo, CA 97960.

August 1-3,1990, Flat Rock, NC
Psalmody Conference. Contact: John W. Stodghill, Chairman, Pleasant Hill Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Route 2, Box 42, Heath Springs, SC 29058.

Built on the Rock

Concertato for congregation, two-part choir, keyboard, optional handbells; by Alfred V. Fedak
____ 2415-0300 $1.00US/$1.20CDN

Christ the Lord Ascends to Reign

Concertato for congregation, choir, organ, trumpet, and two flutes; full score includes permission to photocopy instrumental parts; by Jacobus Kloppers
____ choral score 2414-0700 $ .80 US/$.95 CDN
____ full score 24344)700 $5.95 US/$7.15 CDN

Give Thanks to God the Father

Concertato on Ephesians 1 for congregation, choir, organ, and trumpet; by Jacobus Kloppers
____ 2412-2500 $1.00 US/$1.20 CDN

Hail to the Lord's Anointed

Concertato on Psalm 72 for congregation, choir, organ, and brass quartet; by Roy Hopp
____2410-7200 $.90US/$1.10CDN

Hallelujah, Praise the LORD

Hymn anthem for unison or three-part choir, flute, Orff instruments, or keyboard; by John Ferguson
____ 2411-8900 $ .75 US/$ .90 CDN

New Songs of Celebration

Concertato on Psalm 98 for congregation, choir, organ, and brass quartet; by Dale Grotenhuis
____ 2410-9800 $1.00US/$1.20CDN

Psalm for Ascension

Concertato on Psalm 47 for congregation, choir, organ, and optional trumpet and tambourine; by Valerie Stegink Sterk
____2410-4700 $1.00 US/$1.20 CDN

This Joyful Eastertide

Full score for organ and instruments; includes permission to photocopy individual string parts; by David Holmbo
____ 2437-0000 $5.95 US/$7.15 CDN

When Israel Fled from Egypt Land

Setting of Psalm 114 for male choir or quartet and children's choir, optional flute; by Emily Brink and Jan Overduin .
_____ 2411-1400 $.80US/$.95CDN

Bibliography of Organ Music

76 page annotated bibliography of organ music based on the tunes from the Psalter Hymnal and Rejoice in the Lord
____ 2420-0000 $10.00 US/$12.00 CDN

Descants for B-Flat Instruments

36 descants from the Psalter Hymnal transposed for trumpet and other B-flat instruments.
____2100-0800 $3.95 US/$4.75 CDN

Psalter Hymnal Concordance

Listing of all the words in the Psalter Hymnal and the songs in which they are found.
____2100-0900 $5.00 US/$6.00 CDN

With Heart and Voice

Spiral-bound children's hymnal; contains 160 songs from the Psalter Hymnal
_____ 2100-0700 $5.95 US/$7.15 CDN


2250-XXOO $6.00 US/$7.00 CDN ea

____ RW 2 The Genius of Reformed Liturgy; Lent and Easter
____ RW 5 $150 Organ Library; Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
____ RW 6 Fasting for Reformed Christians; Lent and Easter
____ RW 7 Orff Instruments, Choir Camp; Ascension, Pentecost
____RW 8 Planning Worship; Reformation, Thanksgiving
____ RW 9 Paying Church Musicians; Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
____ RW 10 Applauding in Church; Lent and Easter
____ RW 11 Healing Services; Ascension and Pentecost
____ RW 12 Theme issue on Children in Worship
____ RW 13 Advent Bulletin Covers; Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
____ RW 14 Baptism, Instrumental Talent; Lent and Easter
____ RW 15 Profession of Faith; Ascension and Pentecost


____ Individual Subscription $20.00 US/$23.00 CDN
____ 2-4 copies each $18.00 US/$21.00 CDN
____ 5-7 copies each $16.00 US/$19.00 CDN
____ 8 or more copies each $14.00 US/$17.00 CDN

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