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March 1989

Book: The Church Musician

. Paul Westermeyer. New York: Harper & Row, 1988,128 pp., $14.95.



May 16-19, 1989, Toronto, ON
Worship '89, A Liturgical Symposium: Daily Prayer through the week from Sunday to Sunday. Speakers: Elaine Ramshaw, Paul Bradshaw. Sponsored by the Canadian Liturgical Society at the Scarborough Campus of the University of Toronto. Contact: Rev. L. R. Likness, 25 Old York Mills Road, Willowdale, ON M2P 1B5, (416) 488-9430.

Book: Worship the Lord

James R. Esther and Donald J. Bruggink. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1987, 85 pp. $3.95.

Having served as a member of the Liturgical Committee of the Christian Reformed Church for six years, I was naturally very much interested in this volume— the result of ten years of work of the Worship Committee of the Reformed Church in America. During that time some twenty persons worked on this project.

Children's Music for Ascension, Pentecost, and Other Times of Praise

Often Ascension Day and Pentecost are overlooked by teachers, choir leaders, and others in the church who work with children. After all, these days usually fall late in the spring, when church school programs, choirs, and clubs are winding down.

Preaching About Worship

Worship is at the heart of congregational life. Without so much as knowing the word liturgy, the people of God bring their praises and gifts, listen to the Word, are fed at the table, and are strengthened by each other's fellowship. Our congregational worship is good and pleasing to the Lord.

Hymn of the Month

O Sons and Daughters

Psalter Hymnal 393
The Hymnbook 206
Rejoice in the Lord 318

This month's Easter hymn is a carol, a type of song usually associated with Christmas. Actually carols have been written for many seasons and occasions. (See "Carols for Easter," RW 6). They are spontaneous, direct, simple songs and can be either secular or sacred. The tune for this hymn, like most carols, has the quality of a joyful dance tune.

Priestly Prayers: Intercessions for the Church and World

... our intercessory prayers are seldom as wide as the world.

I have a complaint against you, Pastor," said the old brother. He had seemed so happy to see me when he answered the door. "Ah, the pastor. Come on in." But I was barely seated before he wagged a bony finger at me and voiced his complaint.

Joys and Concerns

Last Saturday night, when his wife, Maureen asked the Lord for sunshine during the youth retreat, Paul Berg was uncomfortable. He was pretty sure the Lord didn't want to be hassled with your and my little hangnails. He didn't say a word about it, but neither did he sit and sip his coffee as he usually did once the kids got up and the dust settled. Instead, the minute the amen passed Maureen's lip Paul started clearing the table.

Fully Involved: Planning Makes the Difference at Christ Church PCA

Every Sunday about three hundred Christians gather to worship at Christ Church (PCA) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Many of them grew up in other Protestant and evangelical traditions. They bring these backgrounds and ex periences with them, enabling the congregation to draw from the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition as they worship.

Worship is at the heart of Christ Church. The congregation was founded on and centered around the concept of worship and takes seriously its goal to involve all members in contributing to Sunday services.

Resources for Ascension Day

Call to Worship

In the name of our risen and glorified Lord Jesus
I welcome all of you to this service of worship.

Christ has arisen from the grave!
He died and rose that we might have eternal life.
Christ has ascended to the Father!
He ascended that we might experience God's
presence and power.

Today, we celebrate the ascension of our Lord.
Let us worship and glorify Christ the King.

Straight from Scripture

In RW 10 Koyzis gave a brief historical overview of psalm-singing and offered suggestions for using the psalms in worship. In this second article, he compares ways of singing the psalms.

Psalm-singing Christians basically fall into two categories: those who chant the psalms directly from the Bible and those who sing metrical paraphrases of the psalms, in which the biblical text is reworked in poetic meter and (often) rhyme.

Speaking in Tongues

"How is it that we hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own language?"

Worship by the Book

Three Views on How the Bible Ought to Determine Our Worship

Should we burn incense in our public worship? Should we kneel? Should we raise our hands during prayer? Should we dance? Should we speak in tongues?

Orders for Christian Healing

*Everyone who is able, please stand.
Prayer of Confession

Healing Services

A leading RCA pastor tells why churches ought to become involved.

Fair Play

Models for Paying Church Musicians

We knew we were on to a subject of intense interest when we conducted a survey on payment of church musicians. So we weren't surprised when the responses poured in after we printed the results of that survey in RW 9. Many respondents offered helpful perspectives and suggestions, some of which appeared in RW 10 (also see p. 46).


More on Paying the Piper

I hoped in the article "Paying the Piper" that you might also address the very basic and sensitive issue which I believe many churches are still dealing with :

"WHY pay the musicians?"