I was thrilled to receive my first copy of your magazine in September. I am writing in hopes that you can direct me to some resources and/or experts in an area that has been very puzzling to me.

Our worship services are quite eclectic and dynamic. They include standard choral anthems and hymns, responsorial liturgy and weekly communion, and contemporary praise and worship music as well. I am looking for some peers who have already bridged the gap, or smoothed the segues, between traditional choir anthems and/or hymns and more contemporary praise and worship music. In particular I am interested in resources that can help me more smoothly integrate both forms of music into a smooth, flowing Sunday morning worship experience.

Karl Bricker
Leawood, Kansas

Editor's note: Our next issue, RW 20, will be a theme issue on the Praise and Worship style.

We have used "something" from every issue we have received of Reformed Worship. It is a wonderful resource.

Peggy B. Murdock
Charlotte, North Carolina

Regarding the article on resources, "I Recommend" (RW 17), you've done a whoopsie-unless Suzanne has been holding out on her friends. Suzanne Toolan is a Sister of Mercy in Burlingame, CA, and I suspect John Mossi is either a CB or a priest. Was someone being subjective?

Harriet Olson

Editor's note: Our apologies! We inadvertently misplaced a name. The credit should read: Canticles and Gathering Prayers. John P. Mossi and Suzanne Toolan. Winona, MN: St. Mary's Press, Christian Brothers Publications, 1989.