March 1991

RW 19
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  • Letters

    I was thrilled to receive my first copy of your magazine in September. I am writing in hopes that you can direct me to some resources and/or experts in an area that has been very puzzling to me.

  • It happened in a Christian Reformed Church one Sunday night during the intermission of a Calvin Seminary Choir program. As director of the choir, I had asked two of the seminarians to say a few words about their background and plans for ministry. First came Bruce Gritter—a young Canadian student, full of enthusiam. Then Gabriella Farkas spoke.

  • On the day of Pentecost and during the following weeks of Kingdomtide, what better theme to dwell on than that of the person and work of the Holy Spirit? And what better guide than Paul's epistle to the Ephesians? Because the subject of the Spirit runs like a ribbon through this book, a series of services and sermons will emerge quite naturally as we take up this epistle, passage by passage.

  • Orders for Blessings



    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


    The grace, the love, and the mercy of God be with you all.

    And also with you.

    Let us praise God, who plants the seeds and reaps the harvest.

    Blessed be God for ever.

    Blessed be God for ever.

  • Many churches send out the message that the morning worship service is the most important one by including most special events in that service. We do the opposite. Baptisms, professions, and our choral music ministry are usually part of the evening service. In addition, every six to eight weeks we try to schedule a special service of praise that focuses on lifting the congregation into a celebration of joy.