Roy Hopp

Roy Hopp is the director of music at Zion RCA, Grandville, Michigan, and the composer of over twenty hymn tunes that have been published in the united States and Great Britain.


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    Psalter Hymnal 194
    Rejoice in the Lord 169
    Trinity Hymnal 148

    Isaiah 40 is often read and sung during the Advent season. It's a passage that speaks of the peace and comfort that the coming Messiah will bring. The prophet encourages the people of Israel to prepare a way for the Lord: to "make straight in the desert a highway for our God" (RSV). The first three movements of Handel's Messiah are taken from Isaiah 40:1-5.

  • Writing Hymn Tunes

    I began writing hymn tunes the same year that I began directing my first church choir. I was looking for hymns that would serve as choral closings for a service, and I grew frustrated. Although I found some excellent evening hymns, they were set to some very disappointing tunes. So I brashly decided to do something about it: I composed my first hymn tune for "The Day Is Past and Over," a song I found in The English Hymnal.

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