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Christ Ascended into Heaven

A Prayer for Ascension Day

People often wonder what difference Christ’s ascension makes. The Heidelberg Catechism, written to answer this and so many other questions of the faith, teaches us about the ascension in Q&A 49. Though written in 1563, its summary of Scripture rings as true today as it did then, regardless of our particular denominational affiliation.

A Good Farewell

Prayers of Taking Leave, Blessing, and Commissioning

Litany for People Living with Mental Illnesses

Lord, you are the great Healer.
Today we pray for those who live with mental illnesses.
For those crippled by depression and anxious feelings,

bring healing, bring peace.

For those who suffer from the high and lows of severe mood swings,

bring healing, bring peace.

For those who are tormented by voices and hallucinations,

bring healing, bring peace.

For those who find it difficult to cope with tasks of daily living,

bring healing, bring peace.

Within Our Darkest Night

A Prayer with Sung Refrain for All Affected by Mental Illnesses

Refrain: “Dans nos obscurités/Within Our Darkest Night” Taizé, LUYH 417
God, our Creator,
who spoke light into the darkness,
we gather to offer our sacrifice of praise.
While it is right to give you our thanks and praise,
we acknowledge that there are some in our midst enduring a deep pain
and for whom joy and praise seem impossible.
Wherever we find ourselves today,

A Prayer for Trinity Sunday

While I was planning our Trinity Sunday worship service, I was inspired by my study of 2 Corinthians 13:11–13. In verse 11, the word that is often translated “be perfected” or “put things in order” is the same word used in the gospels to describe the mending of fishing nets. In this prayer, the joys and concerns of the congregation are lifted up to the triune God, who is the mender of our nets and our lives. This idea became a theme for this prayer.