Pray Continually

A Service of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication

This prayer service is designed to help us pray through the spoken and sung Word as well as to learn about prayer through the preached Word. The service outline itself is a lesson in prayer: it’s based on the ACTS prayer pattern of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

In the thanksgiving section, people are invited to simultaneously share testimonies of thanksgiving in a word, phrase, or sentence spoken right from their seat. This is meant to be a great cacophony of sound, a room full of expressions of thanks.

Hear Me, Lord

Service of Prayer and Praise Based on Psalm 86

This service is fully based on Psalm 86 with quotes from other psalms throughout. It follows a basic pattern of the congregation reading a verse or two from Psalm 86, offering a prayer based on those verses, and then singing a related song or two. The service has two main sections: a plea for help because we are so needy, and our dependence on God, who is loving and faithful. Though the psalms are written in first person, they are understood as a corporate expression.

As we enter the season of Pentecost it is good to be reminded that the Holy Spirit came not to make a splash and then exit again, but to continue the work that Christ was doing. The Holy Spirit continues to be active in the world, and we as followers of Christ are called to join the Spirit’s work. This prayer is for those of us who are on the front lines, working in the trenches, or completing more tedious assignments for God’s glory and the advancement of his kingdom.

O Lord, our gracious God and heavenly Father,

People often wonder what difference Christ’s ascension makes. The Heidelberg Catechism, written to answer this and so many other questions of the faith, teaches us about the ascension in Q&A 49. Though written in 1563, its summary of Scripture rings as true today as it did then, regardless of our particular denominational affiliation.

Lord, you are the great Healer.
Today we pray for those who live with mental illnesses.
For those crippled by depression and anxious feelings,

bring healing, bring peace.

For those who suffer from the high and lows of severe mood swings,

bring healing, bring peace.

For those who are tormented by voices and hallucinations,

bring healing, bring peace.

For those who find it difficult to cope with tasks of daily living,

bring healing, bring peace.