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Songs for the Season

The Light of Christ in Contemporary Songs

Open Our Eyes; I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light; Here I Am to Worship

"Why are there no good Christmas songs?” one of my college students asked last December. He was frustrated in his search for contemporary songs to use in our Sunday evening worship service. Though he found several good hymns and carols to use, he wasn’t coming up with anything new.

Songs for Worldwide Communion

Here on Jesus Christ I Will Stand; La Uncion; Faithful Is Our God; Sixfold Amen

One of my favorite churches is the beautiful Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, California. While this church has many striking and meaningful features, I especially love the majestic earth-toned tapestries hung along each side of the nave.

Songs from Prison

How Many Doors Will Open; For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free!; Till All the Jails Are Empty

Who comes to mind when you think of prisoners and prisons? Perhaps violent criminals—murderers, rapists, child molesters—and you’re thankful they are locked up. On the other hand, you may think of prisoners, past and present, who have been unjustly imprisoned for their faith: heroes like Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Germany, Nelson Mandela in South Africa, or the apostle Paul in Rome.

New Lent and Easter Songs from the New Testament

My Elder Son, Go Work Today; Shadows Lengthen into Night; Neither Death, nor Life

The three songs presented here are taken from the soon-to-be-released collection Singing the New Testament—a wonderful new resource based on texts from Matthew to Revelation and jointly published by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and Faith Alive Christian Resources. In RW 85 we introduced three Advent and Christmas songs from this collection. Here are three more songs: two from the gospels and one from Romans 8.

Songs from the Gospels

In Matthew's Gospel There Are Five; Angels in the Field Appear; My Soul Does Magnify the Lord

These three songs for Advent and Christmas are scheduled for inclusion in a forthcoming hymnal based directly on New Testament texts copublished by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and Faith Alive Christian Resources. The committee charged with selecting Scripture texts that are most likely to be connected to preaching texts for the collection has found it a very interesting exercise.