June 1997

RW 44
THEME: Choosing Music for Worship
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Articles in this issue:

  • As a teenager, Barry Liesch was fascinated by jazz, learned to improvise at the piano by imitating others, started transcribing music from recordings, and became a skilled piano accompanist, even going on tent crusades in his native British Columbia. His church gave him a music scholarship to a Bible college, something family circumstances would not have permitted. He continued his studies, earning a doctorate in music theory, and for the past twenty years has taught at Biola University in Loma Linda, California.


    Prelude: "Duet No. 2 in F Major," Beethoven unaccompanied flute and bassoon

    The Call to Worship

    Hymn: "Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise" PsH 460, PH 263, RL 7, TH 38

    stanzas 1-3

    Our Declaration of Trust and God's Greeting

    Congregation of Jesus Christ, in whom are you trusting?

    Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.

  • The children's hymnal Songs for LiFE makes frequent reference to Orff instruments. It even includes an index devoted to "Orff and Rhythm Instruments." At first glance, one might assume that "Orff" is a special brand name or type of musical instrument. In reality, the name refers to Carl Orff (1895-1982), a German music educator who was devoted to helping children interact with music in active, meaningful ways.

  • Maybe you've heard the joke before. The pastor of a rather "cognitive" denomination was really struggling with bringing his preaching to life. Let's call him Pastor C. He read all the books he could, but that really didn't seem to help. His sermons stayed dry and unappealing. He took a continuing education course in homiletics, but that didn't really seem to change anything except the balance in his study leave account.

  • Have you ever filled put one, of those product cards in a card pack or magazine? I ordered a catalog from "Banner Media Services," hoping to get some new banner ideas for use in worship. But the word banner was used in quite a different way than I expected; the company was marketing audiovisual equipment. More catalogs followed from different companies that mysteriously got my address; they offered a dizzying array of sound boards, microphones, video systems, "cassette ministry" systems, and more.

  • For this issue the questions and answers for Q&A come from the report "Authentic Worship in a Changing Culture" by the worship committee of the Christian Reformed Church. Although the report, which is to , be presented at Synod 1997, is addressed in the first place to CRC congregations, churches from other denominations will have the same or similar questions. And, we trust, will benefit from the answers.

  • Letters


    I have recently learned of the Christingle Service you published (RW 37, Dec. 95). The service has been discussed on the Ecunet on-line service and has received a great deal of interest from many people, including me. I am enclosing a check... to purchase a copy of RW 37.

    Paul H. Bomely
    Oxford, CT

    LIKED RW 39

  • Notes


    The Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM) now schedules three annual worship conferences. The 1997 conferences are

    Montreat, NC, June 15-21 and 22-28 (two identical conferences)
    "Practicing the Presence of God." Contact: Donald Armitage, 845 West Fifth St,Winston-Saiem, NC 27101: (901) 722-8144.

    Westminster, PA, July 13-18
    Contact: Rebecca Borthwick-Aiken, First Presbyterian Church, 890 Liberty St., Meadville, PA 16335.