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Understanding Generational Differences: Recent Resources for the Worship Planner's Bookshelf

The following list of resources is a small sampling of the growing library available on the broad topic of understanding the various generations who worship in our churches. Some of these books could be added to your resource library, others could be read and discussed in a worship committee setting. All are available from Faith Alive Christian Resources (; 1-800-333-8300).

Book: Worship at the Next Level: Insight from Contemporary Voices

Edited by Tim A. Dearborn and Scott Coil. Baker Books, 2004. 206 pp. $16.99.

Whether you are a worship planner or leader, or simply have a desire to participate more fully in corporate worship, this helpful collection of previously published articles will raise important questions and offer a path for exploring worship today.


Appreciated Resource for Those with Alzheimer’s

Book: High-Tech Worship? Using Presentational Technologies Wisely

Quentin Schultze. Baker, 2004. 103 pages. $10.99.

In the past five or so years thousands of churches of nearly every liturgical tradition and style, size, denomination, and setting have begun using electronic media in worship. The rapid rise of presentational technologies has made a big impression and created some confusion as well. Electronic media has our attention, but have we stopped to ask whether such media is appropriate for worship? What are the limits? What are the criteria for theologically responsible use?

Book: From Postlude to Prelude: Music Ministry's Other Six Days

C. Randall Bradley. MorningStar Music Publishers, 2004. 330 pp. $32.00.

C. Randall Bradley offers a unique gift to those serving in the church’s music ministry: a book exclusively about thriving in the organizational and administrative aspects of the work.

Bradley systematically raises questions and issues that pastoral musicians inevitably face: