September 1994

RW 33
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Articles in this issue:

  • What does lighting have to do with worship?

    If your congregation is like many others, you've never given too much thought to that question. On these pages John Weygandt, a lighting professional, challenges churches to take another look at the lighting in their worship space. Although Weygandt's observations are based on his experience in a setting quite different from those in most of our churches, his reflections may well encourage even small churches to make some important changes.

  • Notes



    In the last issue of Reformed Worship {RW 32) the song "Unto Christ, Who Loved Us" was included on page 27 without identification or permission information. That song may not be reproduced without permission. Here is the information:

    Text: Revelation 1:5-6

  • Nashville, TN: United Methodist Publishing House, 1992; 754 pp., $24.95.

    This new book begins by affirming that although the Anglican, Evangelical United Brethren, and Methodist heritages all are evident in United Methodist worship, services find their unity through "the basic pattern of worship: Entrance, Proclamation & Response, Thanksgiving & Communion, and Sending Forth" (pp. 13-15).

  • Louisville, KY: Westminster/John Knox Press, 1993; 427 pp., $22.99.

    This volume is Lindajo McKim's handbook to The Presbyterian Hymnal [a.k.a., Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs] (1990). As editor of the hymnal, McKim had ready access to a variety of sources as she prepared this Companion. She presents mostly the historical background of the texts and music found in the hymnal, though she also offers brief exegeti-cal or interpretive comments on the texts and sometimes a descriptive phrase on the tune or harmonization.

  • Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, 1593; 940 pp., $39.95.

    Carlton R. Young, primary author of this Companion also served as editor of The United Methodist Hymnal (1989) and previously as editor of The Methodist Hymnal (1966) and coedited its handbook, Companion to the Hymnal (1970) with Fred Gealy and Austin Lovelace.

  • Louisville, KY: Westminster/ John Knox Press, 1993. 432 pp., $30.00.

    A new psalter for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). For many, psalm singing and the Scottish heritage are already synonymous. To be sure, the Presbyterian Hymnal (1991) contains many metrical psalms in a style similar to those found in the Psalter Hymnal. But what of the psalm texts in their original prose, in unmetered flow?

  • David Peterson. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1992. 317 pp., $20.00.

    The Reformed tradition has always maintained that its worship is regulated sola scriptura, by Scripture alone. Worship is thus never understood to be an act of creative self-expression, but rather an act of obedience to God. We worship God not in ways we dream up, but. in ways that God teaches us in the Word.

  • David L. Bone and Mary J. Scifres. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1994. 140 pages. $14.95.

    If you are looking for help in planning and organizing your worship services for the next year, this handy lectionary-based calendar may help you a great deal. Two pages are devoted to each Sunday from September 1994 through August 1995. For each Sunday the resource includes: