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Planning Ahead: How one pastor was delivered from Monday morning madness

For fourteen years it was pretty much the same story for me, When Monday dawned, 1 knew 1 had to find another two preaching texts for Sunday. It was amazing how many other things I found to do that kept me away from the search, but as Mondays evaporated into Tuesdays, a sense of desperation would set in. What was I going to preach on, and would 1 have the time and the creativity to write a good sermon, now that Tuesday was changing into Wednesday?

Blended Worship: What it is, what it isn't

Recently I heard of a pastor who was trying to bring life and vitality to his medium-sized congregation's worship. He had become intrigued with "blended worship" and had experimented with adding some "contemporary" instrumentation and eliminating worship practices that might be considered too "high church." lie liked the concept of blended worship and was beginning to implement it, yet he still had reservations.

Learning About the Seder Meal: A teaching service on the Jewish festival of Passover

Bulletin Note

The Passover Seder is a celebration observed in Jewish homes with relatives and friends. It is led by an elder member of the family, but all who attend are active participants. The celebration tells the story of Israel’s exodus from Egypt three hundred years ago. It includes special activities to hold the interest of children.

More with Less: Going light in Lent to emphasize Easter

In New York City I saw a Japanese garden made up of nothing but gravel and a solitary rock. The rock was placed off-center, the ground around it clean of everything, and the gravel raked painstakingly. That garden is a lesson in “less is more.”

The More We Get Together: An interview with Jorge Lockward, minister of music to both a Spanish-and-English-speaking congregation

I got off the subway and walked a couple of blocks to the big brick church on the corner of Amsterdam and 105th in New York City. West End Presbyterian Church has been on that corner for over a hundred years and has seen many changes, especially in the past generation.