March 2011

RW 99
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Articles in this issue:

  • The Balanced Life

    “Help us not to be so overwhelmed by the details of ministry that we forget what is central. And help us to find that which is central, even in the details.”

    —Maryann McKibben Dana (p. 40)

    Help us not to be so overwhelmed by the details that we forget what is central. . . .

  • Q. Our small church is losing members to bigger churches that are more modern and use more technology than we do. Should we think about putting a screen up to project songs in worship like so many churches do these days?

  • A Wonderful Hope

    This is a service of celebration for Ascension Day. Parts of the service might also be used on Ascension Sunday. It requires at least one leader and a Scripture reader. The congregation speaks the lines in bold.

  • The Lord’s Supper is the pivotal feast that celebrates the victory of God, which he shares with each person in his kingdom. Here we gratefully acknowledge our inclusion in the community that God has designed. Here we confess our reluctance to demonstrate the full power of the gospel on our lives together, particularly as it pertains to the lack of hospitality and grace extended to others. Here we all recommit ourselves to following the example of Jesus—the Host at the table—who calls us, in view of his sacrifice, to serve others with humility and love.

  • Alive to the Spirit at Neland Church was a season of focusing our lives and worship on the Holy Spirit. Using six biblical pictures—wind, breath, down payment, seal, dove, and fire—we explored and experienced the Spirit’s presence and work through sermon, song, dance, visual arts, writing, and prayer.

  • Reviews

    Encounters with the Holy: A Conversational Model for Worship Planning
    by Barbara Day Miller.
    Alban Institute, 2010. 142 pages.

  • News & Notes

    Reformed Worship to Celebrate 100th Issue

    The staff of RW has been working hard in anticipation of our 100th issue, which marks twenty-five years of sharing worship resources and articles. That issue will be dedicated to the theme of celebration and joy, with resources from the book of Philippians.

    When you receive your next issue of RW you will notice many exciting changes to both the print and the web copy as we continue the tradition of providing excellent resources for the next generation. Here is an overview of what to expect:

  • This litany was used for the 2010 Pentecost worship service at our church. That service was held the same weekend as the local high school’s graduation ceremony, making the theme especially meaningful as graduates seek God’s guidance for the future.

    Song: “Dwell in Me, O Blessed Spirit” PsH 427

  • Of this poem, author Peter Menkin writes: “I chose the imagery of the Exodus from the Old Testament to say that we are liberated by our God, Christ, and that he brings us to freedom.”

    Pentecost Sunday Prayer

    For I am empty and forlorn,
    so I hope and pray.
    Tongues of flames. Language.

    I search; let me
    welcome the Holy Spirit.
    The God who brought
    us out of Egypt to freedom;

    let God do this emancipation:
    accept and welcome,
    and let us receive the Spirit.